Welcome to Gooding, Idaho

The City of Gooding, along with Blue Sky Construction and Keller Associates, will be working on replacing water lines and installing new wells.

For safety reasons you may be asked to boil your water at some point. Not all citizens will be asked to boil their water because we may not have replaced your water line.

What is a Boil Advisory?

Because we understand that being told to boil your water can seem scary we want explain why we issue them, and because we will have many of them during the water system improvements we want make sure everyone understands the Pre-Cautionary steps that we take to make sure your water is safe. Following work that requires shutting down the Water Mains in your neighborhood or extended low pressure events below 20 PSI we will;

Identify- There will be two types of outages; Planned (such as our water Project) and Emergency, when possible we will notify you in advance of the outage although in cases of emergency work we often have very small crews and this not always possible.

Notify- For planned outages affecting just a few homes we will attempt to notify you in person or leave Door Hangers, a WHITE one telling you when and how long the work is expected to take and a RED one with the instructions for boiling all water intended for consumption for one (1) minute. For larger events we will use mass media such as local television or radio and local posting in prominent areas, also just because your neighbor received one and you didn’t doesn’t mean you need to boil it all depends on where your water meter is located and what lines are affected, although when in doubt boil for safety.

Correct- During construction and repair careful attention is paid to disinfecting the parts we are working with, once installed or repaired the water lines are flushed for a period of time and water samples are collected and delivered to a laboratory for testing.

Test- At the laboratory they are tested for the presence of coliform bacteria, these tests typically take 24 hours before we have results although depending on the time of day the lab receives them, it can take up to 48 hours, if a test comes back positive the process starts over from flushing and testing until a negative sample is obtained.

Notify- After we receive notification that the test is negative we will notify you that you no longer need to boil your water using the same method as we originally used, Door Hangers will be Green.

Thank you and if you have any questions please feel free to call me; Larry Bybee (208) 934-5669 or email lbybee@goodingidaho.org