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Community Garden

It all started one early Friday morning at the Gooding High School. The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) had a meeting scheduled about what their big project would be that year. Supervisor Chris Thompson had a big dream in mind. With a lot of help from Eric Moore, YAC set their sights on establishing community garden. This was a big project and after much deliberation and planning, it was going to happen. 

Eric Moore says, “There is a 1.5 acre piece of land directly behind the office here that was formerly a weedy vacant lot that I obtained a three year lease on from the building owner last fall. I thought a garden was a good idea, [so I promptly] got the lease, approached the City of Gooding, and they agreed to install a $3500.00 source of clean, pressurized, free water (including drinking fountain!), the local Gooding School District Youth Advisory Council gets involved as the VERB (labor, getting the word out, etc, etc.)…community meetings are held gathering the needs of the community as well as resources within the community. Glanbia Foods agrees to fund the entire project at up to $13,000.00(!), Kings department store kicks in $500.00 and an in store “adopt- a- Plot promotion, and the community has come out of the woodwork grinning to help…”

He goes on about the garden, “So far [there are several people involved with the garden, such as:] the City of Gooding, County of Gooding, FFA (sweet corn), 4-H (kids gardening for profit program), growing veggies for the USDA Farms to School project, Helping Hands and Hearts, Food Bank, U of I Master composter program (science!), subscription veggies, summer jobs for kids (10 kids, 20 hours/week, 12 weeks, $8.00/hour), native plants, heritage plants, individual plots, growing for others, money from plant and veggie sales to food bank, jobs for food bank recipients (and a little dignity), tactile garden for local deaf and blind school students, Peace Garden, flowers, scout projects, church projects, Gooding community big pumpkin growing contest, wheel chair accessible raised beds, grade school scarecrow contest (while learning about food and where it comes from), soil horizons and pits and Leah J (more science!), connecting Seniors with students, Latino and non native speaking people ALL have access to plots and help in their native language through volunteers, and several Master Gardeners on tap to help, the new greenbelt will be incorporated, we have individuals who are starting donated seeds in their greenhouses all over town and people donating time, energy, materials, insight, and information. I could go on and on and on. 

“This thing has taken off and has been humbling and uplifting at the same time. [Our main] purpose is to strengthen the sense of community, connect neighbors, encourage altruistic behavior, provide opportunities for stewardship, science, and personal achievement, while working hard, having fun and enjoying the goodness and bounty of local natural resources (including the people of Gooding).” 

Eric Moore has certainly taken this project to heart and what a great opportunity for Gooding. The garden consists of 25 garden plots measuring 20 by 20 feet (7 meters by 7 meters), approximately 1/3 acres (0.14 hectares) of vegetables grown for local food banks, soup kitchens, schools, and people of need within the community, and 1/3 acre (0.14 hectares) of sweet corn grown by the local Future Farmers of America for sale to support their program. In addition, there are wheelchair accessible raised beds, a tactile garden for the sight impaired, and educational opportunities for the science of natural resource conservation. Plans for the near future include an artist’s corner, native and conservation plant displays, pollinator habitat, and a butterfly greenhouse.


Gooding Springs Calvary Chapel
1120 Montana St.
Gooding, ID 83330
(208) 934-4629
Assembly of God Church
204 Montana St.
Gooding, ID 83330
(208) 934-8860
Desert Hills Community Church
129 6th Ave W.
Gooding, ID 83330
(208) 934-4543
Seventh Day Adventist Church
429 5th Ave E.
Gooding, ID 83330
(208) 324-8668
Solid Rock Baptist Church
2148 Main St.
Gooding, ID 83330
(208) 358-0227
First Baptist Church
504 Washington St.
Gooding, ID 83330
(208) 934-8881
First Southern Baptist Church
2245 California St.
Gooding, ID 83330
(208) 934-8556
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
1228 Main St.
Gooding, ID 83330
(208) 934-4225
Gooding United Methodist Church
805 Main St.
Gooding, ID 83330
(208) 934-4633
St. Elizabeth Catholic Church
1515 California St.
Gooding, ID 83330
(208) 934-5634

Christian Church
334 4th Ave W.
Gooding, ID 83330
(208) 934-4542


Gooding Basque Center

The Basque cultural center opened January 18, 2003. They serve dinner the first Friday of every month and invite the public to join them. The Center boasts a nicely appointed 6400 square foot building available to rent for those special occasions. The goals of the Basque association is to promote the Basque cultural through food, dance, language and a variety of other activities. 

The Gooding Basque Association Picnic is held the 3rd Sunday of July at the Gooding Basque Center, 285 Euskadi Lane, Gooding, Id. Partake in the fine company and delicacies of the Basque. Rich with cultural dancing, weight carrying and lifting contests, categories for men, women and children.

Gooding Golf Course & Country Club

Gooding Country Club

PO Box 492
Gooding, Idaho 83440

Board of Directors:

Rod Thomas

David Butler

Tim Pierson

James Anderson

Marvin Standlee

The Gooding Golf Course & Country Club is located off of Highway 26, just outside of Gooding. The golf course in Gooding is a favorite among locals and visiting golfers alike. The 9 hole course offers a full 18 holes of golf with separate tee boxes for the front and back nine. 

The Gooding Country Club wishes to extend an invitation to you to join their membership. They have much to offer a couple, family or individual in entertainment, golf and relaxation. 

As a member you will be able to enjoy the social activities which include parties with an open bar from January through the golfing months and into the holiday season. Members have the option of serving on one committee per year or paying a $40.00 fee for a couple or $30.00 fee for seniors and singles. Serving on a committee is a great way to meet other members. The parties include something for everyone, from the popular bingo and para-mutual horse races to the well attended Christmas dinner. 

The clubhouse and patio are very conducive to social activites and Country Club members save a substantial amount when the clubhouse is used for personal parties. On selected Friday nights during the summer, members can enjoy a barbeque on the patio following a round of golf. All members can rent the club at a member rate for organizations and businesses they are associated with. 

Golf is enjoyed on the course at least eight months out of the year. A Country Club membership entitles a member to savings on green fees, cart storage, and locker rent. The golf course is open to children; therefore a family season pass will benefit an entire family. There is also a junior golf program available in the summer for children ages 5-17. Also, any member who does not buy a season pass will have two free 18 rounds of golf available at the pro shop, transferable to anyone they wish.

Yearly passes are available at the Gooding Country Club. 

If you have any questions, please call Shelley Comstock at (208) 358-0836.

RV Park

Under direction of Gooding County Fair Manager Don Gill. 

Our campsites are first come, first served. Reservations not necessary, although we do recommend advance reservations during fair season, third week of August. 208 934-4529. 


One Mile North from the intersection of US Hwy 26 & 46 (Located near the Fairgrounds) 

Open: All Year 

RV Park/Campground Amenities: Water and Power Hookups , Handicap Access , Pets OK , Pull-thru Sites , Slideouts OK , BBQ Stands. Dump Station located in town on 200 Block of 2nd Ave West. 

Tenters Welcome.


The Gooding School District is aggressive in its pursuit of good education for all students. Gooding schools provide education for kindergarten age children, plus the traditional classes of grades one through twelve. Educational needs of all students are met through high priority efforts of dedicated educators. 

Educational programs offered by the Gooding public school system are an effort made great by citizens who believe their young deserve the best. Parental involvement is encouraged by highly-trained educators who strive to recognize the positive potential in each student. 

Special educational programs within the Gooding School District include a learning disabilities unit in both the elementary and the middle school. The Gooding School District fully complies with the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and have many other offerings to students with special needs, including a speech and hearing unit, special math and reading units, and bilingual program offered to elementary students.

Special educational programs within the Gooding School District include a learning disabilities unit in both the elementary and the middle school.

The campus of the Idaho Educational Services for the Deaf and Blind covers a 40-acre area. The school campus was established in 1907 by Senator Gooding himself and is considered by residents and visitors alike to be one of the more pleasant sights greeting those entering the city of Gooding.

Extensive well-kept lawns and beautifully mature trees become a friendly welcome. The school also serves as the Administrative offices for the Idaho Educational Services for the Deaf and the Blind (IESDB). From the central location of Gooding, IESDB serves the entire state, by providing a full continuum of services, which focusses on the education of students with sensory impairments. The ISDB has developed a strong partnership with the Gooding School District, and shares their goal of providing a quality education for all students. The Gooding schools are fully ADA compliant and are consciences of all of their students and visitors with special needs.

The College of Southern Idaho North Side Center offers college courses and adult enrichment programs, ESL and GED services in Gooding. CSI’s main campurs is located 35 minutes away in Twin Falls. Idaho State University maintains an education center and offers upper level courses on the CSI campus.

Charter schools like North Valley Academy (NVA) enjoy immense popularity and their numbers are increasing rapidly. North Valley Academy was incorporated in July of 2007. You can learn more about charter schools on the NVA ‘Resources’ page. The NVA is located at 906 Main Street, Gooding, Idaho or call 934-4567.

Senior Center

Gooding Senior Center
308 Senior Ave – Gooding, ID 83330

Please contact the Gooding Senior Center for more information at (208) 934-5504. 

Open Monday – Thurday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Lunch is served at the Gooding Senior Center Monday thru Thursday at 12:00 p.m. Suggested donation is $4.00. 

Pinochle is after lunch on Monday and Thursday and also every Saturday at 1:00 p.m. Bingo on Friday evenings at 6:oo p.m. 

Breakfast is on the first Saturday of the month from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. 

Monday: Pool, 9:30 a.m. – Fit and Fall Proof exercise, 11 a.m. – Pinochle, 12:30 p.m. – Wild card, 6 p.m. 

Tuesday: Pool, 9:30 a.m. -Hand and foot, 6 p.m. 

Wednesday: Pool, 9:30 a.m. – Fit and Fall Proof, 11 a.m. – Board meeting, 1 p.m. -Shuffleboard, 6 p.m. 

Thursday: Morning out, 9 a.m. – Pool, 9:30 a.m. – Music by the Fiddlers – Pinochle, 12:30 p.m. 

Friday: Duplicate bridge, 1 p.m. – Bingo, 6 p.m. 

Saturday: Pinochle, 1 p.m. – Breakfast on first Saturday of every month, 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.


There are currently three parks in town. 

The Lions Park located on Main Street has a volley ball court, basketball court and tables, no shelter. 

The West Park is divided into two sides by the Little Wood River which runs through the center of it. There is a park shelter on the north and one on the south. 

The East Park located on Illinois Street is home to the outdoor Gooding Public Swimming Pool. The pool is under the direction of the Gooding Recreation District. The Gooding Recreation Director is Smokey Legarreta. 

For hours, lessons, reservations and schedules call (208) 934-5941. 

All three parks have new playground equipment thanks to the Gooding Volunteer Group and all those that donated to the GVG. New equipment wouldn’t have been possible without their hard work.

The following three park shelters can be reserved for parties, reunions, etc.: 

  • East Park
  • West Park- north and south sides.


City parks must be reserved for reunions, parties, etc. Please remember that all decorations and garbage must be picked up.

To reserve a park call City Hall (208) 934-5669. There is no fee.

Gooding Fire District

The Gooding Fire Station is located at 2155 Montana Street. The fire district covers 151 sq. miles, including the City of Gooding, with approximately 7,000 customers that to serve. Along with structural protection, we provide wild land, hazmat, EMS, and public education services. The department consists of a paid Fire Chief,  paid Deputy Chief, seven paid on call Officers, and several paid on call Firefighters. The Gooding Fire District is covered 24/7 with highly trained personnel. Outside the department they have mutual aid agreements with all of the fire departments in the county and several others in surrounding counties. They conduct their training drills every Wednesday of the week at 7 p.m. They are a tax based fire department so as the city and county grows they are able to do so as well. 

Feel free to stop by the station Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and check out YOUR department. You can also find them on Facebook, Gooding Fire District or at  

The Gooding Fire District meetings are held at the station, 2155 Montana St, at 9 a.m. every second Friday of the month.

Burning Permits: Fire Chief Brandon Covey urges everyone to get a Burning Permit before burning. All fires must be extinguished by sundown! 

Burning Permits can be picked up at the City Hall or at the Fire Station at no charge. 

Fire District Commissioners 

  • Joe D. Pavkov – Chairman
  • Jim Brockman – Vice Chairman
  • David Hults
  • Jase Stockham
  • Chris Ward

Gooding County Museum


The museum was first found in 1971 by several area ladies. They had a building donated to them and started to collect items. The first officers elected were: President – Mrs. K.T. Butler Vice President – Robert Meyer Secretary-Treasurer – Mrs. Frank Stone The county commissioners levied $1,000 for the society.


Governed by the Gooding County Historical Society

Gooding County Historical Society

The Gooding County Historical Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and sharing of the history of Gooding County. The Historical Society was Incorporated on October 27, 1971.

Look Ups

Gooding County Historical Society members will look up things for you within our county, they ask for a donation for the time and material involved. Please inquire. Appointment required: No

Gooding County Museum

P.O. BOX 213  *  273 EUSKADI LANE
208-934-5318 (Museum phone; leave message)

Find them on Facebook!

Hours:  9 am to 5 pm, Fridays and Saturdays, April to October (call or Facebook Message to confirm).



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Contact Us

Contact Us

City of Gooding 
308 5th Ave West, Gooding ID 83330 
Phone: (208) 934-5669 
Fax: (208) 934-5425 
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday