The city of Gooding has their own trucks and containers for garbage collection. You will be billed for this service on your monthly utility bill that also includes billing for water and sewer.  Each occupied residence is furnished with one 95 gallon disposal container. Residential containers are emptied once weekly.   The cost is $10.09 a month, per 95 gallon container.   To obtain an additional container call the office 208 934-5669.

When one of the following holidays falls on Monday through Friday, garbage collection will be one day behind. Normal service resumes the following workday.

New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King Day

President’s Day

Memorial Day

Fourth of July

Labor Day

Veteran’s Day

Thanksgiving Day


Waste disposal guidelines

CART PLACEMENT: By 7 a.m. on your garbage day, please place  your garbage container on a level surface in the alley.  Those not having an alley may place theirs on the street.  Be sure to leave 3 feet between your garbage container and fences, mailboxes, water meters, posts or parked vehicles. Container wheels are to be faced towards the alley or street.  Please make sure that the lid of the container still closes when filled.  The garbage truck has an arm so all containers must be placed on the same side of the alley and/or street.

Please remember to remove your garbage container from the street as soon as your garbage has been collected.

Please take large items such as appliances, carpet, furniture, etc., to the Regional Transfer Station located near Wendell.  For information and/or rules and regulations they can be reached at 536-2181 .  Tires and items containing Freon, such as refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners, are subject to a disposal fee by the Regional Transfer Station.

NOT ACCEPTED ITEMS: No construction materials including: mortar,  paint, scrap lumber, sod, discarded dirt from construction or lawn renovation; rocks, stones, dead animals or manure. No tires, metal, automobile parts.

PLEASE DON’T: Place inside your container such things as flammable items, chemicals, unbagged animal waste, or items that may damage your container. Do not place container within 3 feet of fences, mailboxes, water meters, posts or parked vehicles.

BUNDLED LIMBS OR SHRUBS: The city provides spring and fall clean up for shrubs, twigs, limbs, weeds and grass clippings.  Shrubs and twigs should be tied in small bundles that are shorter than 3 feet in length.  Grass clippings should be bagged.  The bags and bundles may be placed in the alley or on the curb and/or street.   Please Note:  Notice of clean up week is given on the bottom of the utility bill.

The city encourages citizens to keep their yards tidy and will provide a dump truck for large limbs and shrubs.  Call city hall 208 934-5669 to schedule a truck.  The truck will be parked in your front or back yard.  The citizen can then fill the dump truck and the city will return the following day to pick up the truck.

The Tree Dump

The city maintains a tree dump for the convenience of their citizens.  Absolutely NO garbage.  Please only yard waste, tree limbs, shrubs,  grass clippings etc.

Hours of Operation for the Tree Yard: Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (seasonal)

Power In Pink Program
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