Dog License – Dog Pound

 The city requires the purchase each year of a license for all dogs.  All licenses expire December 31 of the calendar year.    Licenses can be obtained from the city office.
The license fee is ten dollars ($10.00) for each dog. 

It shall be unlawful for any owner, possessor or person who keeps any dog to permit the same to run at large upon the private premises of others or upon the streets, alleys, sidewalks, highways, vacant lots, school grounds or other public places within the city of Gooding.  A dog shall be deemed to be running at large when off or away from the premises of the owner, possessor, or keeper thereof, and not under the immediate control of such owner, possessor, or keeper, or his agent or servant or a member of his immediate family, either by leash, cord or chain; provided, however, that any dog on the premises of a city park or school grounds must be controlled by a leash not exceeding ten feet (10′) in length held in the hand of the person controlling the dog. Procuring a license and tag shall not authorize the running at large of said dog. (Ord. 666, 3-16-2009)
Identification Tags
Make sure your pets are wearing identification tags so that if they do become lost, they can be returned promptly. Animals found running at-large should be wearing identification tags, so we know who to call and where to return the animal to his/her rightful owner.
 The City contracts with Gem Veterinary Clinic to house dogs impounded by City employees.     Any dog impounded may be redeemed from the pound by the owner or any authorized person upon exhibiting to the authorized person having charge of said pound a receipt from the city showing that the license fee and pound costs have been paid for such dog.  
The dog at large fee is ten dollars ($10.00) for the first offense, forty dollars ($40.00) for the second offense taking place within one year and eighty dollars ($80.00) for the third offense taking place within one year.   (Ord. 666, 3-16-2009)
Some unclaimed dogs may be available for adoption.  Shelter animals are all spayed / neutered, chipped and have their rabies shot, any costs incurred are paid upon adoption to the shelter.
At this time there is no public spay / neuter program available.