Public Works

Public Works Director

Public Works Director

Larry Bybee
(208) 595-4902

The Public Works Department consists of several Departments;

Streets– the City of Gooding maintains approximately 23 miles of roadway, maintenance activities include; sweeping, striping center lines and crosswalks, snow plowing, grading and gravel placement of alleys and road edges, patching potholes, asphalt seal coating and pavement overlay projects, maintaining street signs and city owned street lighting. Main Street which is Highway 46 is actually under the control of the Idaho Transportation Department. The City Maintenance Yard and Shop is located at 222 3rd Ave West.

Sanitation– the Sanitation Department is responsible for the collection of all Commercial and Residential solid waste placed curbside within the city, bulk recycling containers are located at City Hall and currently accept; Cardboard, Tin cans, Aluminum cans and Newspaper.

Tree Yard– the Tree Yard is open to both residents of the City and County of Gooding, the facility operates from around May through October depending on the weather, the pulverized mulch is available for $1 a cubic yard, a cubic yard is 3’ X 3’ X 3’, large quantities are available but must be self-loaded, the proceeds for the sale of the mulch in addition to funding from Gooding County help offset the operational costs of the program.

Water– the Water Department Operates 3 ground water pumping facilities and 40 miles of Distribution system piping. The Department is currently completing 2 additional pumping facilities to meet daily demands. The Water/ Utility Billing Department is located in the Gooding Municipal Building 308 5th Ave West.

Wastewater– the Sewer Department Operates 1 treatment plant which is the receiving point for all the Wastewater generated in town and then processes it to meet Federal discharge standards. The Waste Water Treatment Plant is located at 1775 So 1800 East. Wastewater is brought to the plant by 9 Lift stations and 20.2 miles of collection piping, because the system works by using gravity to carry Wastewater through the pipes the lift stations allow the Wastewater to be transported to the Treatment plant from the far reaches of town.

Parks– the Parks Department Operates 3 Parks; The East Park located on Illinois Street between 3rd and 4th East, West Park located on 9th West between Idaho and Nevada Streets. Lions Park is located at the intersection of Main Street and 10th West.

Municipal Airport– the Gooding Municipal Airport is home to 89 aircraft and proudly has the lowest fuel prices for many miles around, Courtesy cars are available for our out of town visitors, please call for availability. The Airport is currently in the process of installing an AWOS system (Automated Weather Observing System) and extending the runway length to provide a greater level of safety and the ability to accommodate larger aircraft, the airport is located at 1945 Airport Road.

The Public Works Department employs 13 full-time and 4 seasonal positions to provide these services.