City Planning & Zoning

City of Gooding Building Permit Application

Cost of a building permit is based on the square footage, construction plans or value.
A building permit is required to install a fence. The cost for the permit for a fence is $30.00.

Building Permit Application

Please submit the signed application with the following:

1. Septic Permit; when applicable
2. Elevation Certificate; when applicable
3. Comment/Approval letters or signatures from agencies; when applicable
4. Two (2) site plans

  • Legal description and/or record of survey for the property and a vicinity map and north arrow
  • Right-of-way details including access, easements, utilities, drainage, wastewater, right of way to be dedicated
  • Property lines and lot dimensions and building setbacks from property lines
  • Location of new and existing structures and distance between them

5. Two (2) complete sets of construction plans (Scale: 1/4″ = 1’0″)

  • Floor plan including wall openings, door swings, dimensions
  • Building elevations
  • Footing and foundation plan with sections showing all footing and foundation sizes, including a complete rebar schedule
  • Building sections and details, including schedules for all windows and doors, indicating the type, size, safety glazing. Include stair details; sections of all walls showing height and how to be built. Also show any dropped down ceilings or storage above ceiling and framing details.
  • Structural Plans: roof framing plan, floor framing plan, header and beam schedules, strap locations, structural details, shear walls, shear wall schedule and all other structural information as indicated in the calculations or required by the Building Official.
  • Energy code compliance.
  • Metal building drawings and calculations: metal building drawings and structural engineering calculations will be required for all pre-fabricated metal buildings, including concrete footing details. Calculations must be stamped and signed by an Idaho Registered Engineer or Architect.

Building Inspector:
Juan Martinez
(208) 934-5958
(208) 934-5669

Separate permits are required for Plumbing & Electrical

State Plumbing Inspector:
Rich Young
(800) 839-9239
(208) 539-9636

State Electrical Inspector:
Grant Loveless
(208) 731-0931

Mechanical (HVAC) Inspector:
Fred Dodge
(208) 421-3447