Dog Pound Policies & Procedures

Gooding Dog Kennel Policies and Procedures

Stray Dogs:

Stray dogs will be held 72 hours unless claimed by owner. If unclaimed, they can be adopted our through the pound or sent to a different shelter or rescue organization.

To claim a dog, the owner must be able to prove that the dog belongs to them. Vet bills, family photos, city licenses are some of the ways to show proof of ownership.

Abandoned Dogs:

After the 72 hour hold, any abandoned dog will be sent to a rescue organization approved by the city council (City Ordinance 6-3-12). If multiple rescues are approved by the city, it will be the dog kennel who decides which rescue the dog will be sent to.

Fines and Fees:

All fines and fees set forth by the City Council are to be paid at City Hall. No money will be exchanged at the kennel. Proof of payment shall be by receipt.


Volunteers are an important part of any shelter. When needed, volunteers can be used to help out with the care and cleaning chores of the pound and any other tasks that need to be accomplished. Volunteer forms are available at the kennel.


Donations of supplies (food, blankets, toys, etc.) can be accepted at the pound. Any monetary donation must be made at City Hall.


All occupied kennels will be cleaned twice daily. Once the kennel has been vacated it will also be disinfected. The office will be kept in a clean and professional state.

Exercising Dogs:

Dogs should be let out into the yard at least twice a day for exercise when practible. If a dog is well behaved and is the only dog in the pound it can be permitted to roam the office and the kennel area as long as there is someone in attendance at the pound.