Dog Pound

Gooding City Dog Pound
925 7th Ave W.
Gooding, ID 83330
Animal Control Officer: Mike Kelley (208) 961-6005

Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Board: $15.00/day

Impound Fees:
1st Offense – $10.00
2nd Offense – $40.00
3rd Offense – $80.00

Surrender Fee:
$20.00 individual
$10.00 additional

Dogs are kept for a minimum of 72 hours, then the cost of impoundment for adoption.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, this 23rd Day of January, 2020, the Gooding Dog Pound, operated by the Gooding City Police Department, will only house dogs taken into custody within the city limits of Gooding. There are a few exceptions, all of which require that any dog brought to the pound must be brought by or at the direction of an Officer or Deputy having jurisdiction in the area the dog was taken into custody. The Gooding Dog Pound does have agreements with several surrounding agencies, including the Sheriff’s Office of Gooding and Lincoln Counties. We also assist various agencies of the State of Idaho (ISP / IDFG) as needed.

What does this mean? For residents outside of the City of Gooding, any stray dog issues must be handled by the appropriate law enforcement agency and not delivered to the pound by a private person unless directed by an officer, which will be verified. It is unlikely that stray dogs found running loose in the rural areas of Gooding County will be taken into custody as their directive is only to provide safekeeping to animals due to unforeseen circumstances such as accidents or arrests. In most cases, stray dogs will return to their home on their own, eventually. If you have questions about dog issues, speak with your local law enforcement agency or government representatives. Please do not bring dogs to the pound from outside of the city as they will not be accepted. Releasing a stray dog into the city or dumping as it may be referred to, may subject such person to criminal charges.

We thank you for all of your support as we continue to remain a no kill facility. We adopt dogs out or forward them to other shelters including those in the Wood River Valley, Boise, and even to out of state. We have housed stray dogs found running loose in the areas as far as East of Wendell to West of Bliss; And north of Gooding to the Snake River; Even a dog found stray in the mountains north of Fairfield. We cannot continue to do so and must concentrate our funding and operations to the citizens of the City of Gooding while working closely with our local agencies and governments while caring for our furry friends in need.

Dave Fisher
Chief of Police
(208) 934-8436