July 16, 2018

The Gooding City Council meets regularly on the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Gooding Municipal Building, 308 5th Ave West, Gooding, Idaho.

The Gooding Mayor, City Council and Staff welcome you to attend their meetings. We appreciate and encourage public participation. However, the formality of procedures varies with the purpose and subject of the agenda item; therefore, the Mayor may exercise discretion in deciding when to allow public comment during the course of the proceedings and limitations may be placed on the time allowed for comments.

Citizens wishing to address the Mayor and Council may call the City Clerk 208 934-5669 and ask to be placed on the agenda. Any person requiring special assistance should call five days prior to the meeting so that arrangements may be made.

308 5th Ave West
July 16, 2018


1. Review revenues, expenditures and wages for FY19
2. Schedule Budget Workshop


Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance

Changes to the Agenda In Accordance with Idaho Code 67-2343 Sec 4 (b) – Action Item

Consent Calendar – The consent calendar includes items which require formal council action, but which are typically routine or not of great controversy. Council members can approve the items listed on the consent calendar as one item or, if finding a correction needs to be made, can pull that item for discussion.
All of the listed consent agenda items are action items.

1. July 2, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Visitor Business – Individuals wishing to speak before the City Council shall wait to be recognized by the Mayor, approach the microphone/podium, state their name and address, and proceed with their comments. Comments are limited to 10 minutes.

1. Danielle Lofgran – City Pool

Public Input – The Mayor acknowledges those in attendance. This section of the agenda is reserved for citizens wishing to address the Council regarding a city-related issue. The council does not take any action or make any decisions during public comment. Any item requiring Council action must be placed on the agenda of an upcoming council meeting. Comments related to public hearings should be held for that public hearing. Comments regarding performance by city employees are inappropriate at this time and should be directed to the Mayor by appointment after tonight’s meeting.

Unfinished Business

1. Amendment of the Skatepark Rules & Regulations – Action Item
2. Memorandum of Agreement for Dog Pound Between Gooding County and City of Gooding – Action Item

New Business

1. Delinquent accounts to be sent to Statewide Collections – Action Item
2. Resolution No. 252; Public Records Custodian – Action Item
3. Transportation Plan Scope of Work – Action Item
4. Keller Associates Invoice #38 for Water Project – Action Item
5. Keller Associates Invoice #7 for WWTP Project – Action Item

Department Report

Council – Police Chief Dave Fisher – Fire Chief Brandon Covey – Public Works Director Larry Bybee – City Clerk Hollye Lierman – Library Director Cindy Bigler – Attorney Craig Hobdey

Executive Session – If Necessary –Idaho Code 74-206(1) – Action Item

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