April 16, 2018

Regular Meeting

The regular meeting of the Mayor and Council of the City of Gooding, Idaho was called to order at 7:00 pm in the Gooding Municipal Building, 308 5th Ave West, Gooding, Idaho on April 16, 2018. Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Brekke.

Roll Call

Present were Mayor Brekke, Councilpersons France, Arkoosh, Cram and Smith.


Present were Terry Platts and Jim Braga.

Changes to Agenda (Idaho Code 67-2343 Sec 4 (b))

Councilman France made a motion to add GDA Grant Application for Runway Extension to the agenda. Motion seconded by Councilman Arkoosh. Upon roll call, Councilpersons Arkoosh, France, Smith and Cram voted aye. Motion carried.

Consent Calendar

(Consent Calendar contains items which require formal Council action, but which are typically routine or not of great controversy.  Council members can approve the items listed on the consent calendar as one item or, if finding a correction needs to be made, can pull that item for discussion.  There will be no separate discussion on these items unless a Council Member or a member of the audience requests removal of the items from the Consent Calendar.)

Mayor Brekke asked, “Consent Calendar Items numbered are before you, are there any items to be removed?”  There being no objection, Councilman Cram moved to approve the Consent Calendar.

  1. April 2, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Motion seconded by Councilman Arkoosh.  Motion carried.

Visitors Business


Public Comment


Unfinished Business

Gooding Water Project: City Clerk Lierman stated the sealed bids for the South Well Project will be opened at 2:00 on April 17, 2018.

Planning & Zoning Vacancy: Mayor Brekke had a citizen approach him with interest in the vacancy. Mayor Brekke suggested the person talk to Terry Platts, P & Z Chairman.

John Infanger – Riverside Estates; Installation of 5 Mobile Homes: PWD Bybee is still waiting for engineering plans from Mr. Infanger.

Nan Reedy – Property Values/Anti Tethering Ordinance: Police Chief Fisher presented anti tethering ordinances from the City of Pocatello, Oregon State Law and Nevada State Law. No decision was made at this time.

Jim Braga – Request for Easement: Councilman Arkoosh made a motion to grant an easement Township 5 South of Range 14 East of the Boise Meridian, Gooding County, Idaho, Section 36: The South 50’ of the East 50’ of the Northwest ¼ of the Southeast ¼ to Mr. Braga. Motion seconded by Councilman Cram. Motion carried.

New Business

TNT Fireworks Application Approval: Councilman Arkoosh made a motion to approve the TNT Fireworks Application. Motion seconded by Councilman Cram. Motion carried.

GDA Grant Application Approval for Runway Extension: Councilman France made a motion to authorize the Mayor to sign the GDA Grant Application for the Runway Extension. Motion seconded by Councilman Arkoosh. Motion carried.

Department Reports

Police Chief Dave Fisher: Chief Fisher expressed concern regarding parking on Main Street directly in front of North Valley Academy and across Main Street. He stated the curb in painted yellow but there are parking spaces painted on the road. Across Main Street the cars that are parking are hopping the curb and parking on the decorative rock. Chief Fisher feels to solve the problem additional parking is needed or parking needs to be suitable for the area. The Council will discuss the matter with PWD Bybee and North Valley Academy to find a solution.

Fire Chief Brandon Covey: Chief Covey was not present.

Library Director Cindy Bigler: Library Director Bigler was not present.

Public Works Director Larry Bybee: PWD Bybee was not present.

Attorney Craig Hobdey: Attorney Hobdey submitted letters and notices of interest to the Council.

City Clerk Hollye Lierman: City Clerk Hollye Lierman submitted letters and notices of interest to the Council.

Executive Session:  Councilman Arkoosh moved to adjourn into executive session in accordance with Idaho Code 74-206 Section (b) for personnel issues at 7:43 pm. Motion seconded by Councilman Smith. Upon roll call, Councilpersons Arkoosh, France, Cram and Smith voted aye. Motion carried.

The meeting reconvened at 7:51 p.m.

There being no further business Councilman Cram made a motion to adjourn. Motion seconded by Councilman Smith. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 7:52 pm.


/S/ Hollye Lierman                                                            /S/ Jeff Brekke                                    

Hollye Lierman – City Clerk                                                Jeff Brekke – Mayor

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