September 18, 2017

Public Hearing

PURSUANT TO Idaho Code 50-1002 a public hearing was held at 308 5th Ave West, Gooding, Idaho on September 18, 2017 at 6:00 pm for properties in violation of public danger/nuisance.

Roll Call

Present were Councilpersons Arkoosh, France and Houser. Mayor Nelson and Councilman Magnelli were not present.


Present were Shelley Amundson and Sharon Cheney.


Attorney Hobdey stated Mr. Wood has complied with the notice of violation. Mr. Wood contacted Chief Covey regarding assistance in burning the overgrown weeds and grass on his property. Chief Covey stated his department utilized his property for a drill. They were able to do a burn class prior to using drip torches on the property. He stated it went well and he has more property in the back that they would like to burn if time permits.

Councilman France stated Ms. Whiteman has requested the Mayor or himself contact her in regards to the notice of violation she received.

Neither party was in attendance to the public hearing.

There being no further business the hearing closed at 6:08 pm.

Regular Meeting

The regular meeting of the Mayor and Council of the City of Gooding, Idaho was called to order at 7:00 pm in the Gooding Municipal Building, 308 5th Ave West, Gooding, Idaho on September 18, 2017. Pledge of Allegiance was led by Councilman France.

Roll Call

Present were Councilpersons France, Houser and Arkoosh. Mayor Nelson and Councilman Magnelli were not present.


Present were John Gough, Klyn Cheney, Jake Southwick and Hal Nichols.

Changes to Agenda (Idaho Code 67-2343 Sec 4 (b))

Councilman Arkoosh made a motion to add Building Inspector Agreement to the agenda. Motion seconded by Councilwoman Houser. Motion carried.

Consent Calendar

(Consent Calendar contains items which require formal Council action, but which are typically routine or not of great controversy. Council members can approve the items listed on the consent calendar as one item or, if finding a correction needs to be made, can pull that item for discussion.  There will be no separate discussion on these items unless a Council Member or a member of the audience requests removal of the items from the Consent Calendar.)

Mayor Nelson asked, “Consent Calendar Items numbered are before you, are there any items to be removed?”  There being no objection, Councilwoman Houser moved to approve the Consent Calendar.

  1. Minutes of August 21, 2017 Meeting
  2. Minutes of September 5, 2017 Meeting

Motion seconded by Councilman Arkoosh.  Motion carried.

Visitors Business

John Gough – Gooding Flyers Association: Mr. Gough personally invited the Council to attend the Gooding Airport Fly-In on Saturday, September 23, 2017.

Shellie Amundson: Not present.

Jake Southwick, Civil Science Engineering – Available Grant Money to Conduct a Transportation Master Plan: Mr. Southwick stated the city is part of a county wide transportation master plan. The master plan only has 3 pages that include the City. The master plan is approximately 10 years old. He stated most cities are creating their own transportation master plan. An estimated cost to create a transportation master plan is $80,000.00 to $100,000.00. There is a $50,000.00 grant available to help with the cost of a transportation master plan. Councilman Arkoosh stated he felt it would be a great idea to have our own master plan and requested PWD Bybee to look into his budget for available funds and report back at the next council meeting.

Public Comment


Unfinished Business

Gooding Water Project: PWD Bybee stated the screen type has been selected for the south well. The contractor is hoping to have it complete by the end of the month.

There will be a pre-construction meeting on September 26th with the contractor.

PWD Bybee requested a quote from Nixle. Nixle will allow the City to notify citizens who subscribe to alerts from the City by email or text. They would be able to receive alerts or notifications regarding road closures, garbage delays, etc. He stated it would be a great tool for communication to our citizens. The cost for Nixle is $4,100.00 and will be split between the public works budgets.

Planning & Zoning Vacancy: No discussion at this time.

Gooding Fire District: None.

New Business

Dog Park at East Well Property: PWD Bybee proposed putting a dog park at the east well lot. He would like to install fencing to secure the well house and the proposed dog park. Dog owners would be responsible for cleaning up after their dogs. Councilman France stated he feels it would be a great idea if the budget allows. Councilwoman Houser suggested PWD Bybee talk to surrounding home owners to discuss the proposal and if they have any concerns moving forward with the proposal.

Discussion to Measure Council Support for Staff to Pursue the Opportunity to get a Boys and Girls Club in Gooding City/County: PWD Bybee stated the youth in our area are very energetic and don’t always put it to good use. The benefit to having a Boys and Girls Club is tremendous. It would give the kids somewhere to go to socialize and have positive role models to interact with. There currently is no Boys and Girls Club in Gooding County. PWD Bybee stated he would like to gauge the Councils support for the steps that are needed to make it happen. He stated the community would need to be a part of it to generate the interest to start raising revenues. The Council agreed to allow PWD Bybee to move forward to see if there is interest in a Boys and Girls Club within the community.

Ranch Bowl Beer & Wine License: Attorney Hobdey stated the new liquor inspector for the State discovered the Ranch Bowl is within 300 feet of the State Deaf and Blind School therefore Hal Nicholas is requesting an exempt variance for the license to exist from the City. Councilman Arkoosh made a motion to grant an exempt variance to the Ranch Bowl in order to comply with the state inspection. Motion seconded by Councilwoman Houser. Motion carried.

Prosecuting Attorney Agreement: Councilwoman Houser made a motion for the Mayor to sign the 2018 Prosecuting Attorney Agreement. Motion seconded by Councilman Arkoosh. Motion carried.

Capitol Improvement CD: City Clerk Lierman stated the capitol improvement CD will mature on October 1, 2017. Councilman Arkoosh made a motion give Treasurer Aquiso and City Clerk Lierman the authority to contact local banks for the best interest rate for a 4 year term and transfer the money. Motion seconded by Councilwoman Houser. Motion carried.

Building Inspector Agreement: Councilman Arkoosh made a motion for the Mayor to sign the 2018 Building Inspector Agreement. Motion seconded by Councilwoman Houser. Motion carried.

Department Reports

Police Chief Dave Fisher:

  • Police Chief Fisher stated Detective Smith has been doing a great job filling in for him while he is on leave.
  • He has received the new cameras. He will be doing trainings on the use and backup of the cameras later this week.

Fire Chief Brandon Covey:  Fire Chief Brandon Covey was not present.

Public Works Director Larry Bybee:

  • PWD Bybee stated he will be attending the Airport Basic Training on October 3rd in Boise. The course covers planning, maintenance, grants and operations.
  • His crew has installed the dog waste stations at the East Park, West Park and Lions Park.
  • The tree grinder is working great. They have done 50% of the pallet pile already.
  • His crew has been trimming trees that are in the city right of way. A tort claim has been filed for a home on Washington Street that sustained damage to the edge of the house and the fence when a large branch broke off the tree in the city right of way.
  • The truck route signs are made and will be installed soon.
  • His crew will move the concrete barriers to create diagonal parking on 3rd Ave East by the park as time permits.
  • The annual inspection for the WWTP is scheduled for September 28th.
  • Maintenance work has begun on City Hall by patching the roof and prepping for paint.

Library Director Cindy Bigler: Library Director Cindy Bigler had nothing to report.

Attorney Craig Hobdey: Attorney Hobdey submitted letters and notices of interest to the Council.

City Clerk Hollye Lierman: City Clerk Hollye Lierman submitted letters and notices of interest to the Council.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.


/S/ Hollye Lierman                                                        /S/ Walter C. Nelson               

Hollye Lierman- City Clerk                                         Walter C. Nelson- Mayor

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