March 2, 2015

Regular Meeting

The regular meeting of the Mayor and Council of the City of Gooding, Idaho was called to order at 7:00 pm in the Gooding Municipal Building, 308 5th Ave West, Gooding, Idaho on March 2, 2015. Pledge of Allegiance was led by Attorney Craig Hobdey.

Roll Call

Present were Mayor Nelson, Councilpersons Arkoosh, France, Houser and Magnelli.


Jason Neil

Changes to Agenda (Idaho Code 67-2343 Sec 4 (b))


Consent Calendar

(Consent Calendar contains items which require formal Council action, but which are typically routine or not of great controversy.  Council members can approve the items listed on the consent calendar as one item or, if finding a correction needs to be made, can pull that item for discussion.  There will be no separate discussion on these items unless a Council Member or a member of the audience requests removal of the items from the Consent Calendar.)

Mayor Nelson asked, “Consent Calendar Items numbered are before you, are there any items to be removed?”  There being no objection, Councilman France moved to approve the Consent Calendar with the clarification of the last sentence of paragraph four be revised to include which well is being referred to.

  1. Minutes of the February 17, 2015 Meeting
  2. Accounts Payable in the amount of $86,774.81
  3. Payroll in the amount of $113,960.66
  4. Building Permits
No. Date Name House Street Use  Value   Fee 
01-15 2/17/15 John Scott Real Estate 430 Main Sign  $     2,109.00  $   119.74
02-15 2/17/15 Columbia Bank 746 Main Sign  $   20,000.00  $   530.06
03-15 2/23/15 Bill Korsen 526 Idaho Fence  $        600.00  $     30.00

Motion seconded by Councilman Arkoosh.  Motion carried unanimously.

Visitors Business

Jason Neil with the Main Street Program informed the Council of the Main Street Program Organizational Meeting on March 5, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Gooding County Planning and Zoning Office. On the agenda is the organization and projects of the Gooding Main Street Program. Mr. Neil stated that there is a large interest from the community for the Main Street Project.

Public Comment


Unfinished Business

Annexation of the Rural Fire Department Land:  Councilman Arkoosh read Ordinance #691.

Rangen Water Call: Attorney Hobdey stated there is some talk about appealing the Directors decision on a couple of issues to the District Court. The estimated cost will be around $10,000.00. Attorney Hobdey suggested the Council think about whether or not they would like to pay a portion of that estimated cost.

Gooding Country Club Lease:  Attorney Hobdey presented a proposed lease to the Council. The proposed Lease change has been made which changes the term expiration from 15 years to annually up to 15 years unless either party would like to make a change to the Lease, in which case shall be done on or before December 31 of the lease year.

Councilman France made a motion to approve the proposed Gooding Country Club Lease. Councilwoman Houser seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Dog Shelter: Public Works Director Todd Bunn stated there is no new information to report regarding the dog shelter at this point.

Skate Park: PWD Bunn stated the ground breaking ceremony is still on for April 13, 2015 at 1:00 pm.

New Business

TNT Fireworks Application Approval: After review of the TNT Fireworks Application Councilman Arkoosh made a motion to approve the application for TNT Fireworks permit at the Ridley’s parking lot location. Councilman Magnelli seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Schedule Budget Hearing: Scheduling of the budget hearing is rescheduled for the next council meeting.

Real Estate Purchase & Sale Agreement: Councilman Arkoosh made a motion to give the Mayor authority to sign the Real Estate & Sale Agreement between the City of Gooding and the Gooding Urban Renewal Agency for the purchase of land from the Gooding Urban Renewal Agency located in the Industrial Park for the sum of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) cash.  Councilman France seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Department Reports

Police Chief Chris Ward: Police Chief Chris Ward was not present.

Fire Chief Brandon Covey: Fire Chief Brandon Covey was not present.

Public Works Director Todd Bunn: PWD Bunn stated the recharge is still going on and the Engineers are now discovering it is very hard to regulate the river. PWD Bunn also stated the well monitoring is going well and the water is very clean. PWD Bunn reported he has his street crew out patching roads and they will begin grading the alley ways. PWD Bunn stated City Clerk Lierman sent out letters to customers to inform the citizens about the weed spraying that will be taking place after the alley ways are graded.

Library Director Cindy Bigler: Library Director Cindy Bigler stated Monsanto will be presenting the Library with a $2,500.00 check on March 5, 2015 at 2:00 pm. The David Hultz family nominated Gooding Public Library for a contest that Monsanto Corporation recently held and the Gooding Public Library was the winner. Library Director Bigler also stated the Library had received an Idaho Power Grant for $1,000.00. Gooding Public Library was one of thirty one organizations selected statewide. Library Director Bigler stated the Idaho Power Grant will be used for the Maker Stations and the Take It and Try It kits in the Library. Library Director Bigler stated the Library had 800 users for the computers, the Library was open for a total of 126 hours, over 1900 patrons, almost 2300 materials checked out, 274 for the programs, 811 reference questions, 477 in outreach, 10 new cards and over 200 for the maker programs. Library Director Bigler stated she has started to work on the Summer Reading Program. She has been into both schools to get started. The schools are now required to help the Library with the Summer Reading Program. The Library averages 120 participants per program and the Library does 3 programs per week. Library Director Bigler stated the Library averages 30 customers on Saturdays. The Library has different programs each Saturday for patrons to participate in.

Attorney Craig Hobdey: Attorney Hobdey presented a proposal for Request for Bids for the American Falls Reservoir District #2 and Big Wood Canal Company water shares. Attorney Hobdey stated the reason for a proposal is due to discrepancies in the billing between the City of Gooding and the Big Wood Canal Co. Attorney Hobdey stated he will be meeting with the Big Wood Canal Co. board and he hopes to have the issues resolved at that time and the amount of shares the City of Gooding initially has including the Golf Course shares.

Attorney Hobdey also stated City Clerk Lierman received an email from the Department of Water Resources regarding the City of Gooding’s floodplain ordinance #592. During the review by the Department of Water Resources some of the National Insurance Program standards were either not present or failed to meet the minimum requirements. Attorney Hobdey provided City Clerk Lierman with a response to the Department of Water Resources stating the City of Gooding never wanted a flood plain ordinance. It is a requirement of the Army Corps of Engineers, and as we understand, it is necessary so residents are able to get loans for housing etc. Therefore, we have no independent information as to what the definitions should state. The City of Gooding does not have a full-time legal nor engineering department and therefore to ask the City of Gooding to complete an ordinance of this magnitude is beyond our capabilities.

City Clerk Hollye Lierman: City Clerk Hollye Lierman submitted letters and notices of interest to the Council.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.



Hollye Lierman- City Clerk                                                  Walter C. Nelson- Mayor

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