October 17, 2013



Special Meeting
The special meeting of the Mayor and Council of the City of Gooding, Idaho was called to order at 10:00 am in the Gooding Municipal Building, 308 5th Ave West, Gooding, Idaho on October 17, 2013.
Roll Call
Present were Mayor Nelson and Councilperson Magnelli.  Councilpersons Arkoosh, France and Houser were not present.

Present were Gerry Bates from the Idaho Community Forestry Program and Gooding City Tree Advisory Committee members Lew Pence, Todd Bunn, Nan Reedy and Terry Platts.
Gerry Bates- Idaho Community Forestry Program:  Gerry Bates led the agenda pointing out that the City and he had entered an agreement in 2013 for him to provide services to the City in the following capacity:
  1. Provide City employee training for pruning trees
  2. Identify insect and disease affected trees and offer control measures
  3. Assist with completion of a public tree inventory
  4. Help establish a long term Community Forestry Master Plan
  5. Prioritize management needs within the Master Plan
  6. Support and train the Gooding City Tree Advisory Committee (this group)
  7. Tree ordinance review with recommendations
  8. Identify high risk trees with regard to City liability
The group reviewed the City Ordinance 9-7-3 highlighting the City’s liability and need to know which trees are hollow or diseased and need immediate attention thereby limiting the amount of possible damage caused by a storm-downed tree.  Public right-of-way trees vs private trees was also reviewed, the ordinance is specific and should be referred to.
Mr. Gerry Bates reviewed three documents he included in a packet of material; Plan the Work, Work the Plan and Management Needs Survey and an example ordinance from the City of Kuna.
Todd Bunn expressed a need for two items to be accomplished in Gooding in a timely manner; the tree inventory and a master plan. 
The Tree Inventory is a list of trees on public property in the City limits and includes many details including locations, species, diameter, height, health and targets should the tree fail.
The Master Plan is a separate document that prioritizes the trees in the inventory so the City can focus attention and funding to the trees most in need, thereby limiting City liabilities. This would also provide a re-planting plan, replacing or planting near trees that have reached a reasonable lifetime (fast growing trees are short lived) or improving the variety of species. 
Gerry Bates said he cannot do all the legwork for Tree Inventory and the City should seek getting an intern and a minimum wage helper to accomplish the task – a six week job most likely.  He said that using the completed Tree Inventory, he could craft the Master Plan that would include a list of desirable trees based on site specific needs (such as power lines, buildings, slope, etc.) and soil type and depth and water availability.
Mr. Bates described a new program available on a limited basis through Idaho Power for planting energy saving deciduous on private property, and he described the iTree program which is a free download that makes use of Google maps to facilitate easy data entry for tree inventories and could be used with a GPS to be site specific for each tree.
Nan Reedy asked Gerry if he could provide a one page or less Fact Sheet on how to keep mature trees alive in the likely event that the City converts from flood irrigation to sprinkle irrigation in the near future.  She felt that a fact sheet could help alleviate the tension among many home owners over the prospect of losing their trees due to a lack of water. Gerry said he would create a Fact Sheet for that topic.
Lew Pence suggested this board meet again on November 12th at 10:00am with the intention of appointing officers and getting to work on finding a capable crew to begin the Tree Inventory. 
Gerry said he can’t make a meeting on Tuesdays (Thurs and Fridays are best for him) but that he could be available by telephone if the need arises.
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 11:30pm.
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