June 25, 2013

Work Session

The work session of the Council of the City of Gooding, Idaho was called to order at 6:00 pm in the Gooding Municipal Building, 308 5th Ave West, Gooding, Idaho on June 25, 2013.

Roll Call

Present were Councilpersons France, Houser and Magnelli.  Councilman Arkoosh was not present.  Council President Vern France presided over the meeting.


Present were, City Clerk Morri Hall.  , City Treasurer Kathy Lehr, Public Works Director Todd Bunn, Fire Chief Brandon Covey, Library Director Cindy Bigler and Police Chief Jeff Perry were not present.




The first purpose of the special meeting was to discuss the Fiscal Year 2013-14 Budget.  The Council discussed possible rate increases in the enterprise funds.  The Council asked staff to look into contract sanitation.

The second purpose of the special meeting was to discuss the water system improvements.  The Council discussed lowering the amount of the bond to $4.8 million for basic improvements to the water system to meet water demands without the gravity irrigation system.  Although Priority 1 Improvements would not cover water demands for future growth, fire flow standards and redundancy requirements, the citizens are more likely to approve a bond for one improvement at a time.  Then if the water recharge project is approved the City can reconsider Priority 2 Improvements.  The language for the bond election must be sent to the County by early August.

There being no further business, the work session adjourned.

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