November 26, 2012

308 5th Ave West
November 26, 2012
6:00 P.M.


Call to Order

Visitor Business

  1. Southfield Dairy Farmland Lease Renewal- Arie Roeloffs
  2. Windy Acres Farmland Lease Renewal- Rusty Gillette

Public Input – Mayor acknowledges those in attendance.  This section of the agenda is reserved for citizens wishing to address the Council regarding a city-related issue.  The council does not take any action or make any decisions during public comment.  Any item requiring Council action must be placed on the agenda of an upcoming council meeting.  Comments related to public hearings should be held for that public hearing.  Comments regarding performance by city employees are inappropriate at this time and should be directed to the Mayor by appointment after tonight’s meeting. 

Executive Session – If Necessary –Idaho Code 67-2345

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