July 9, 2012

Special Meeting

A Special meeting to discuss the Airport containment pad lease was held on July 9, 2012 at 6:00 pm in the Gooding Municipal Building, 308 5th Ave West, Gooding, Idaho.

Council Present

Present were Mayor Morton, Councilpersons Arkoosh, France, Houser and Magnelli.

Staff Present

Present were Public Works Director Todd Bunn, City Clerk Morri Hall and City Attorney Craig Hobdey.


Present was Airport Manager Dale Thomas.  Ted Weinand was not present.


The containment pads are used to fill crop dusting planes for aerial applications.  The Gooding City Council would like to see research on how other airports handle the fees associated with containment pads.  They also want to know whether the airport needs more liability insurance because of the hazardous materials being used on the containment pads.

Dale Thomas reported information on the how other airports handle fees associated with containment pads.

City Council discussed the term of agreement on the containment pad lease.  The Council decided the agreement terms should be the same as the other hangar leases at $.06 per square foot.

City Council feels the City should require an Operator’s Aerial Permit.  Operator’s would pay $2000 per year for the permit but will be given a rebate of up to 80% of the $2000 for gas purchased from the Gooding Airport.  Operators will be expected to bring the gas receipts into the Gooding City office to be eligible for the rebate.

City Council advised Attorney Hobdey to prepare a draft Aerial Applicator’s Permit for review.

Public Comment


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

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