Mayors Corner – June 2011

I am not sure how you may feel, but I am looking forward to warmer, sunnier and rain free weather.   Spring is nearly over and summer is hopefully ready to arrive.  The summer months are full of activities in Gooding.   June is a particularly busy month.  We will need a lot of energy to keep up with all the activities, especially the activities scheduled for June 24th and 25th.  The 24th starts off with the Glanbia Family Fun Day at the East park and ends with the Western Heritage Day Rodeo #1 at the Fair Grounds.  The 25th offers a cowboy breakfast, a 5K & 10K run and walk, a western parade with cattle being led down main street, the Fireman’s Picnic, Duck Race, etc.  All events are outlined in the Summer Event Schedule.

At the Glanbia Family Fun Day in the East Park you will be able to see the first draft of a new park the City is planning.  This park includes skate board activity, bike activity, and an amphitheater for summer music and theater performances.  We are very interested in obtaining your comments and thoughts regarding this proposed park.

The city has also been busy making improvements to the Industrial Park to fit the needs of the Well Trucking Company and make the Industrial Park more attractive to additional business opportunities.  The city is working closely with the Southern Idaho Economic Organization (SIEDO) to attract additional business to our Region.  All of the cities need to work together to make this effort successful.

The city is also preparing to offer additional town hall meetings to review options available to address our aging water system.  We are gathering more cost information and possible options.  This infrastructure has needed work for a long time.  It has somehow always managed to slip back under the rug.  Well, there is no more room under the rug.  The city needs to address the issue and take action.  These will be interesting meetings.  I hope everyone comes and is part of the decision making process.

Our Community Garden is well under way thanks to the efforts of Eric Moore.   There will be more information available in a few weeks.  I do know that we are going to try and grow a giant pumpkin.

And last, but not least, we are part of Project Facelift.  This is the start of a long term effort by a number of cities and SIEDO to improve our Main Street appearance.  We are working on two or three buildings.  We are focusing on the old Schubert Theater. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out.  I plan to establish a group of individuals to plan for a more organized and long range plan for our Main Street appearance.  I am sure that this project will be on the table next year and for several years to come.

Clearly there are a lot of events and city activities underway this summer.  A good time should be had by all.

Duke Morton, Mayor

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