March 9, 2011

March 9, 2011
Gooding City Council Minutes

Irrigation Board of Corrections:

Pursuant to Idaho Code 50-1807 the mayor and council shall meet as a Board of Corrections to correct irrigation assessments as deemed necessary.  The Board convened in the Gooding Municipal Building at 5:45 p.m. on March 9, 2011.

Roll Call: Present were Mayor Morton, Councilpersons Arkoosh, France, Houser and Magnelli.

Visitors: Visitors were Paul Koonce, Bonnie Runyan, Lori McFarland and Cody Jacobsen.

Purpose:  The purpose of the board meeting was to correct irrigation assessments as may be deemed necessary.  The assessments were mailed and notification of the Board of Corrections meeting was given on the bills and published in the city’s legal newspaper.

The Mayor opened the meeting and asked for questions, comments or requests from the audience.

Paul Koonce:  Paul Koonce of 741 Idaho Street, reported the irrigation box on the corner of 8th Ave West and Idaho Street malfunctions and leaks.  He explained how it has to be operated in order to irrigate.  He is concerned about flooding basements and would like the city to fix the box.

Rick Bauman:  Rick Bauman of 819 3rd Ave East, stated he has a large lot that is mostly dry-scape.  He does not use the irrigation water and would like to have the fee lowered.  Mayor Morton explained the fee is based on the square footage of ground he has, and not the usage.  The fee will remain the same.

Bonnie Runyan:  Bonnie Runyan of 434 13th Ave West complained she does not get irrigation water and has asked the city for help finding the buried valve that would enable her to irrigate.  Public Works Director (PWD) Bunn reminded Runyan that Street Superintendent Rogers had dug it up and showed her the valve.  The outlet was covered by approximately two feet of dirt, making it unworkable to use.  Possibly, the ground was built up when the new garage was added.

Lori McFarland:  Lori McFarland of 217 Wyoming Street cannot use the water.  The ditch to her property has been filled in.  PWD Bunn explained the previous owner had problems with water in his basement and filled the ditch in.  The neighboring property also filled their ditch in.  McFarland asked if it would be possible to put the ditch back into service or dismiss the charge as she cannot access the water.  Bunn explain city policy requires the property owner to shoulder the expense.  If she wants the expense figured, the city can give her an estimate.  McFarland thanked the council for the gravel in front of her home.

Cody Jacobsen:  Cody Jacobsen of 138 14th Ave West wants to make sure the irrigation pipe on his property is scheduled to be repaired this season.  The city repaired a portion of it last summer, but then other areas began to leak.  He explained he could not mow his lawn most of the summer as it was too wet.  The pipe is leaking in many places. Bunn assured him the repairs are still scheduled.

There being no other visitors or comments, the board of corrections meeting closed.

Immediately following the public hearing, a special meeting of the Mayor and Council of the City of Gooding, Idaho was called to order at 6:00 p.m.

Present: Present were Mayor Morton, Councilpersons Arkoosh, France, Houser and Magnelli, Public Works Director Todd Bunn and City Clerk Carmen Korsen.

Visitors: James Alderman, John & Dana Gies, Dale Thomas, Bart and Marcie Morrow, Steve Thompson, A.J. & Yvonne Denham, Tim Pierson, George Parker, Paul Klingler, Jack Gough, William Palacio, Mike and Cindy Elliott, Klyn & Brian Cheney and Rick Bauman.

Purpose: The council is assessing the Airport Hangar Leases to determine if revisions are needed. As many of the hangar owners have an interest in the airport, they were invited to attend the work session with ideas/suggestions for the hangar leases.  Also, the lease agreement by and between the City of Gooding and High Range Aviation, Inc. needs to be renegotiated as the building was demolished May of 2010.  High Range Aviation has built a new Fixed Base of Operation on the site.

Mayor Morton opened the meeting for public input.

James Alderman of Batt Fisher Pusch & Alderman, LLP spoke on behalf of hangar owners Duane Burg, A.J. Denham, Dr. John Gies, Jack Gough and William Palacio.    Alderman stated, the 2010 personal property tax bill for their hangars were combined and mailed to Airport Manager Dale Thomas.  These hangar owners complained to Gooding County Tax Assessor Patty Bauscher.  They recorded a bill of sale for each respective slot in the Hangar known as 1-W and have requested Assessor Patty Bauscher tax each hangar owner separately and mail each individual a separate bill,  rather than one billing for the 1-W complex.  In reference to the hangar leases, Alderman declared the hangar owners he is representing have existing lease agreements with the City to lease the real property upon which each hangar is located.  They want each hangar slot to be billed separately for their lease, rather than as a complex.

Klyn Cheney stated their complex splits the power bill and insurance premium, so he is okay with the lease being billed as a complex.  They have had no problems.

Steve Thompson commented he did not realize there was an option of how their complex could be billed.

George Parker reported the lease for 9-E complex is being mailed to him.  He has spoke with the tenants in the 9-E complex.  They have agreed to request individual leases and to be billed separately.  Parker stated, the hangar owners in this complex have recorded a bill of sale for each respective slot in the Hangar known as 9-E.  They spoke with Gooding County Assessor Patty Bauscher. Each will receive an individual tax bill in 2012 rather than just one for the entire complex.  Parker explained their complex has one insurance premium but, each hangar is billed individually.  If an owner does not pay their share, all individuals in the complex are notified.  They receive one power bill for the complex. They have hired a property management company to take care of their joint billings.

The mayor thanked everyone for attending and announced the council will take all comments into consideration.  There being no further business, the mayor closed the meeting.

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