September 2010 Council Minutes

September 7, 2010

The regular meeting of the Mayor and Council of the City of Gooding, Idaho, was called to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Gooding Municipal Building, 308 5th Ave West on the above date.

Present: Present were Mayor Morton, Councilpersons Arkoosh, France, Houser and Magnelli.

Changes to Agenda: Two additions were made to the agenda. (1.) Visitor – Dave Adair (2.) Visitors – Jack and Brad Gough.

Visitors: Visitors were David Adair and Brad and Jack Gough.

Minutes: Minutes of the August 16 & 23, 2010 meetings were read. Councilman Magnelli moved to accept the minutes as read. Motion seconded by Councilman Arkoosh. Motion carried.

Visitor Business:

David J. Adair: David Adair questioned why copies of the city minutes and city ordinances were not available online or in the Gooding Public Library and why the ordinances were not available on the City Police webpage. Adair commented on the City Volunteer Group, weed control and methods the city could use to identify violators of the weed ordinance; also suggested contacting the Tri-County Weed Supervisor for help with weed control. The council agreed to have copies of the approved minutes be available in the Gooding Public Library.

Jack & Brad Gough: On March 15, 2010, Jack Gough submitted application to build a hangar at the Airport and to lease a section of ground to build on. Uncertain as to what the Airport Master Plan designates for the area Gough wants to lease, the council asked for time to study the issue. Gough returned on April 5, April 19 and May 3, 2010. There was conflict as to the size of hangar door required for approval and questions arose. The Airport Advisory Board was asked to check into the matter and to make a recommendation. In the meantime, Gough asked Riedesel Engineers to shoot the elevation of the site under consideration. To keep the council up to date, Gough was present with the elevation and a plat of the site in question. Gough reported he is working on a new design for the hangar he is proposing to build. The new design will meet the FAA height guidelines for hangars built at that elevation. The council thanked Gough, let him know the decision awaits a recommendation from the Airport Advisory Board and advised him to give his information to the board.

Old Business:


New Business:

The city has not raised the cost of sewer hookups and/or water meters and hookups since 1993. The cost of materials and labor has increased in that time. The City of Gooding proposes to increase the cost of: (1.) New sewer hookup to $1,500.00; (2.) 1” water meter and hookup to $1,500.00 (3.) Implement a new fee of $750.00 for an existing water service upgrade to 1” inch; All other water meters sizes and hookups will be actual cost of time and materials.

Councilman France moved to hold a public hearing on October 4, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. in the Gooding Municipal Building, 308 5th Ave West Gooding, Idaho to consider public comment regarding the proposed increase in fees and to explain the reasons for the new fee in accordance with Idaho Code 63-1311A. Motion seconded by Councilman Arkoosh. Motion carried.

Stain City Hall: Having advertised in the legal newspaper for proposals to stain the exterior of the Gooding Municipal Building, Councilman Arkoosh moved to accept the proposal from T.A. Stevenson Painting for $2,800.00 contingent on verification that all materials are included in the cost. Motion seconded by Councilwoman Houser. Motion carried.

Property Clean-Up: Idaho Code 50-317 provides that the city can abate weeds etc, and charge the property owner by assessing the cost thereof against the property so cleared. Idaho Code 50-1008 provides that the special assessments shall be due and payable to the City Treasurer and if not paid within thirty days after notification of assessment shall be declared delinquent and certified to the tax collector of the county and placed upon the tax roll and collected in the same manner and subject to the same penalties as other city taxes. Having certified to the Gooding County Tax Collector an assessment against 603 Wyoming for $35.00, City Clerk Korsen was notified the assessments are not put against the property until the November tax bill is sent out, in the interim, the property has changed hands. After deliberation, the council decided to notify the Gooding County Tax Collector to waive the nuisance fee for 603 Wyoming as the new owner had not received notification and was not the responsible party.

Airport Grant Offer: Whereas, the FAA has approved a project for the Gooding Municipal Airport consisting of the following: Rehabilitate Runway 7/35 (Phase 3); Construct Taxiway (Phase 3); Rehabilitate Apron (Phase 3); Councilman France moved to accept the grant offer of $2,322,461.00 under the provisions of Section 47108(b) from the Federal Aviation Administration, for and on behalf of the United States and to authorize the Mayor to sign the Grant Agreement. Motion seconded by Councilman Magnelli. Motion carried. The FAA match is 95%, the city 2.5% and the state 2.5%.

Pay Request No. 1: Riedesel Engineering submitted Pay request No. 1 for Gordon Paving Company. Total earned to date is $85,965.80 less retainage of 5% $4,298.29 for a balance due of $81,667.51. Councilman France moved to pay Gordon Paving $81,667.51. Motion seconded by Councilman Arkoosh. Motion carried.

September 7, 2010 cont’d

Tree Celebration: The final step in becoming a Tree City USA is having a Tree Celebration. As State Arborist Gary Bates, will be in Gooding on September 22, 2010, the Tree Committee has set 12:00 noon on September 22, 2010 for the Tree Celebration. The celebration will be held at the Gooding Municipal Building.

Building Permits: The August 2010 building permits were reviewed.

Permit #Name Address Use Valuation

48-10 GCH Museum 273 Euskadi Lane Sign Using Old Sign

49-10 Shelli Mason 1425 Marie Drive Fence 2,700.00

50-10 John Zimbleman 434 11th East Garage 20,382.00

Pay Bills: Having reviewed the city’s August expenditures, Councilman Arkoosh moved to pay the bills as presented. Motion seconded by Councilwoman Houser. Upon roll call, motion carried unanimously.

Department Reports:

Fire Chief Pat Bishop:

  • The fire department has been busy with fires.
  • Reported problems with the Suburban transmission, it has been replaced.

Police Chief Jeff Perry reported:

  • The department has joined “A child is Missing”, a new program for runaway or missing children.

Public Works Director Todd Bunn:

  • Reported the airport runway has been removed and they are working on sub-base.

City Clerk Carmen Korsen:

  • Submitted letters and notices of interest to the council.

Mayor Morton:

  • Informed the council the Army Corp of Engineers will host a town hall meeting on September 23, 2010. They will take comments from the public on the “Vision on River Wall”.
  • Reported a meeting with the Recreation District and the School Board to go over the Joint Agreement for the purpose of management, control and operation of the tennis court and baseball field located directly North of Gooding High School will be held at 5:30 p.m. on September 14, 2010.
  • Stated he will be attending the SIEDO summit on September 9, 2010.

There being no further business, the mayor adjourned the meeting.


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City Clerk Mayor

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